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​Zaiyadeya and Berti tribes’- the conflict continued 28th March 2015


The conflict between Zaiyadeya and Berti tribes in North Darfur/Mallit continued and became more aggressive and resulted in more killings, mass displacement of the citizens and number of cattle been looted from Berti villages. And the situation remains very tense.

On 28th March a number of Berti tribes villages were attacked burned and looted by Zaiyadeya militia men on around twelve (12) 4x4 vehicles, and resulted in a number of people been killed, injured and mass displacement of civilians, as follows:

In Tofay Village Al-fadell Suleiman Ibrahim was killed and two were injured.

In Om-Jaal village: Killed

  1. Humadi Idris Daw-Albait
  2. Ahmed Humadi Idris
  3. Ishaq Mohamed Abdallah
  4. Abood Jebreel Abdallah
  5. Abdallah Sabeel Hamid
  6. Adam Hamid
  7. Ahmaday Abdallah Abdo-Alrasool
  8. Haroon Hassan Hamid
  9. Adam Abdallah dam
  10. Mohamed Adam Abdallah

Some of the Injured;

1-Salih Mohamed Abdallah

Om-Hajleej village, Kamal Idris was killed and one was injured

In Bushara village Ahmed Musa Adam was killed, and Yasir Ibrahim Abdo-alrahman was injured.

Those who were Killed in Hellat Ibrahim village:

  1. Ibrahim Adam Shams-Aldeen
  2. Hafiz Adooma Ali
  3. Adam Ibrahim Adam
  4. Ahmed Osman Abdo-Alhadi
  5. Abdallah Ahmaday Hassan
  6. Ahmed Ali Ahmaday
  7. Mahmood Yousif Hassan

Some of the injured:

1-Abdallah Toom Adam

2-Yaqoup Abakr

Hellat Badawi village; some of those who were killed

1-Mohamed Suleiman Alnoor

2-Aldooma Sayah

Koskary village; Killed

8-Abakr Haroun Osman

9-Ismail Haroun Osman

10-Abdo-Almajeed Abdo-Alrahman Hassan

11-Abdo-Alrahman Hassan

12-Ibrahim Abdo-Alrahman Hassan

13-Mohamed Adam Kasham

14-Sulieman Mohamed Ali

15-Sabeel Ahmed Hamid

16-Mohamed Mustafa Ahmed

17-Ibrahim Salih Shams-Aldeen

SUDO UK Call on the warring parties to stop the violence and sort their differences in a peaceful way, and further call on the Sudan Government and facilitate a peace conference between the two tribes and enforce law and order.    

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