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Janjaweed Militias Continue to Cause Havoc in South and Central Darfur


Nertiti IDP Camp - Central Darfur
On the 26th June 2014 Alnour Hussein Osman, the chief of all the chiefs of Nertiti IDP camp, was shot dead within the camp itself by Janjaweed militia. On the same day a policeman was killed by Janjaweed militia in Nertiti town.

Kass town - South Darfur
On the 26th June 2014 Ahmed Ruboa' Tagir was abducted from Kass town by Janjaweed militia. In a separate incident on the same day in Margoum village near Kass three women were beaten in their farms by Janjaweed militia members. The Janjaweed threatened to kill them if they ever returned again to their farms. The names of the women are:

  1. Fatima Abdelrahim
  2. Hawa Abdelkabeer
  3. Katoum Musa Eisa

On the following day 27th June 2014 three men were kidnapped from inside Ammar Jadeed IDP camp near Kass by Janjaweed Militias.

  1. Mohammed Adam Musa
  2. Adam Ali Ibrahim
  3. Abakr Musa Eltoum

Nyala City-South Darfur
The carjacking by members of the Janjaweed militia in Nyala city has become one of the major threats to the population. It has become very dangerous to go anywhere after sunset, even around your own neighbourhood.

At the same time, going to the bank in the heart of the city centre has become very risky and dangerous, as so many people have been stopped and their money looted by the Janjaweed militias, no matter how little money they are carrying.

SUDO UK calls on the Sudan Government to fulfil its obligation to protect civilians in Darfur. Pro-government militias who kill, rape, abduct and displace civilians should be disbanded without any delay. In addition investigations must be held to hold accountable those individuals or groups who are responsible.

UNAMID must immediately act to fulfil its mandate to protect civilians in Darfur. It must fully investigate human rights abuses by all parties and make the report of its investigations public.

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