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Violence and human rights abuses by the Rapid Support Forces and Janjaweed militias in Darfur 6th to 9th January 2015


South Darfur –KASS locality -6th January 2015

The Commissioner of Kass Locality was ambushed by four soldiers from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on his way back from attending the funeral of a traditional leader of the TONJUR tribe, who was the OMDA in LAYMOWA village.

The Commissioner was attacked roughly four kilometres away from Kass Town in an attempt by the RSF soldiers to loot his belongings. The ambush was thrawted as the Commissioner's guards eachanged fire with the attackers, and through a rapid response from the nearby army garrison. One of the Commissioner's escorts were killed, whilst three of the four attackers were arrested. The fourth RSF member escaped.

South Darfur-7th January 2015

Under the watch of the camp's police and UNMAID, a group of Janjaweed militia men on 4x4 vehicles attacked AL-SALAM IDP camp in the south of NYALA city killing Suleiman Mohamed and his sister, Zahra Mohamed, in their home when they resisted the attackers. No action was taken by the camp police.

On the 9th January, around 4.30pm, on his way back from an official visit to Al-HAMEYA village south of KASS town, the commissioner of KASS locality Salih Abdo-Alrahman, escorted by 14 persons, was stopped at gun point by seven men from a Janjaweed militia. One of the commissioner bodyguards who attempted to resist the perpetrators was shot and severely injured, later he was taken to KASS hospital. The Janjaweed militiamen looted the commissioner and his escort of their personal belongs including money and mobile phones, but they left them their 4x4 vehicle. The commissioner and his escorts return to KASS and informed the police but no one was arrested.

SUDO UK calls on the Government to disband the Rapid Support Forces as well as the Janjaweed as these are consistently committing human rights abuses in Darfur. All those individuals or groups responsible for committing human rights violations must be brought to justice.

SUDO UK calls on UNAMID to take strong action in order to fulfil its mandate, including its obligation to “prevent attacks against civilians, within its capability and areas of deployment, without prejudice to the responsibility of the Government of the Sudan”, and the requirement “to investigate and hold accountable those who are responsible, and promote efforts to disarm the Janjaweed and other militias”. 

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