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Violations as Protestors Demonstrate Against Military Coup, December 6


On December 6, Sudan witnessed another wave of protests led by Resistance Committees against the military coup in major cities including Khartoum, Gedaref, Sennar and others.

In the middle and south-west Khartoum, the Resistance Committees planned to meet at Bashdar Station before heading north to the Republican Palace. As the protestors marched through Palace Street they reached a police barricade. Following a 20-minute stand-off stones were thrown by a small section of the protestors leading to the police shooting teargas and dispersing the crowd. The confrontation continued for hours and resulted in several injuries amongst the protestors.

In eastern Khartoum, the Resistance Committees aimed to hold a one-day sit-in at the Abbas Farah Martyr Square by Al Siteen Street. As the gathering was ongoing at Juba’s Turn, the protestors were attacked by a gang armed with knives. The armed gang were reportedly shuttled to the protests by a bus owned by the State’s transportation company. As they attacked, the armed gang demanded the protestors returned to their homes but were eventually chased away by the demonstrators. Following the attack, the protests continued into the evening as the organisers addressed the crowds.

In Bahri, the Resistance Committees held a one-day sit-in at Al Moasasa Cross. The sit-in began peacefully as the organisers and the Omdurman Resistance Committees addressed the crowd; announcing a political agreement was soon to be signed between Resistance Committees nationwide. Moments later, a group of unidentified individuals marched to and threw stones at Al Safiya Police Station before setting it on fire as the Police and Central Reserve Forces withdrew. Police later attacked the crowds using teargas and beat the protestors before arresting them in Bahri and Omdurman.

In Sennar state, Resistance Committees from the 6 localities of Soki, Sinja, Sennar, East Sennar, Abu Hajjar and Al Dali gathered in Mayirno city. The event took place without any recorded violations.

In Gedaref, police arrested 7 members of Resistance Committees at the beginning of the gathering in Gedaref market. Police broke up the demonstration and forced the crowd to disperse. The detainees were released after two hours on bail following a build up of protestors outside the police station.   


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