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​Various human rights violations by Janjaweed militiamen in Darfur 19th December 2014



When farmers tried to stop a group of Janjaweed from forcibly entering their farm to graze their livestock, the Janjaweed opened fire on the farmers killing Saif Al-Din Bahr Al-Din and Abdulhameed Adam Abdulkareem. Although the police and UNAMID were informed by the IDPs about aggressive Janjaweed activities in the area even before this incident, they have still not taken any action to protect civilians or to pursue perpetrators of such actions.


Two female IDPs, aged 25 and 20 respectively, were raped in their farm by 6 Janjaweed men on Camel back. The raped women were later found by other IDPs and taken to the camp clinic. Police were informed.


Abdulkareem Osman and Hussein Abdulkareem Osman were kidnapped by a group of Janjaweed militiamen, driving 4x4 vehicles, whilst they were on their way to the mosque to attend Friday prayer. The police and UNAMID have been informed.


On the road between NYALA city and east JABAL MARRA Mountain, nearby ARASHOWA village, 2 IDPs; Mohamed Abakr Osman and Mukhtar Nouredin whilst going to their farm, were stopped at gun point by a group from the Rapid Support Forces and were severely beaten and had their belongings were looted. Later they were found by other farmers and taken to MERSHING hospital. Police was informed.

South Darfur-KASS locality

A group of Janjaweed militiamen forcibly entered their livestock (cows and camels) into a number of farms owner by IDPs in DALO, AL-DANGA, ROSONGA, SAYKLOWA and DORA villages, the police have been informed and the situation remains tense until the date of this report.

SUDO UK calls on the government to disband the Janjaweed militia and investigate and hold accountable those who are responsible for killing and terrorizing civilians in Darfur.

SUDO UK calls on the UN Security Council to exercise its duties by the establishment of an effective mechanism to protect civilians in Darfur as UNAMID is failing to give security or protection to farmers and other civilians. 

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