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Update: Bushra Gamar Has Restarted His Hunger Strike


Bushra Gamar has restarted his hunger strike due to the failure of the security service to fulfil their promise to release him or bring him to trial by the 10th of October. On 13th October the security phoned his family and talked to his mother. They reportedly handed the phone to him in order that he could speak with his mother, asking his mother to talk to him and convince him to give up the hunger strike. The security services once again promised they would release him, though this time by the 20th of October. They also promised the family that they would take them to visit him the following day Friday 14th October. His mother reportedly did talk to him but asked him to continue his hunger strike. There continue to be grave concerns for Bushra Gamar's health as a result of his treatment in prison and his renewed hunger strike.


Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma, is a human rights defender from South Kordofan detained since June 2011. He was visited by his family on Friday 7 October in the NISS section of Kober Prison. On 29th September he had agreed to lift his hunger strike following a promise from the security that if he ended his hunger strike he would be released or brought to trial by 10th October. His family says that his health has seriously deteriorated because of his hunger strike.

SUDO (UK) continues to call for Bushra Gamar’s immediate release.

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