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Sudanese Air Force Bomb Refugees From Nuba Mountains in Unity State, South Sudan


The local authorities in Panrieng County in Unity State have reported that Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) today (10th November) bombarded Yida payam in northern Unity State.

Yida payam in Panrieng County has hosted refugees from Nuba Mountains who fled the fighting in Southern Kordofan since June this year when the SAF and SPLM-N engaged in armed confrontations.

Sudan Armed Forces, utilising Antonovs, bombed the payam headquarters where the refugees' foods were stored, the airstrip, in the middle of the camp and in Yida village. Six bombs were dropped in total. The refugees and the hosting community escaped in the forests to seek safety.

According to the locals, the bombardment came at a time when a UNMIS helicopter had just landed in Yida airstrip. The helicopter was on humanitarian mission to assist the refugees who are now estimated to be 21,000 people. "The incident is a serious violation of international border and we urge our government in Bentiu and Juba to react in the strongest terms possible to deter the government of Sudan continuous crimes in our land" said Peter Dudi who is the Yida payam SPLM secretary. "Our payam has suffered a lot this year when SAF bombed Jaw several times displacing our people in addition their Antonov fly low over villages causing fear and horror in our villages". said William Deng de Mum paramount Chief of Yida payam

Stephen Miabek Lang de Bilkuei Panrieng Commissioner confirmed the air strike and said that "at around 2: 30 PM today a SAF Antonov has bombed Yida payam headquarters in Yida 40 KM north of Panrieng town. He said that the aerial strike killed 12 people and wounded more than 20 people".  According to Commissioner Miabek, the victims include children and women who were not able to dodge the falling fire from SAF Antonov.

The refugees call for the international community and the government of South Sudan to protect them from their government which hunting them even in the places they are seeking refuge in South Sudan.

Seven people are reported killed as a result of a bombardment in Guffa village in northern Upper Nile, Maban County, where Sudan Armed Forces have dropped 18 bombs on a refugee's camp settled by 400 people from Blue Nile.

Sudan government troops are targeting refugees within an international border of South Sudan in Upper Nile and Unity state since June 2011.

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