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UNAMID and the GoS Continue to Fail to Protect Civilians in Darfur, Janjaweed Attack IDPs


On 1st of August 2014, Ali Hussain and his sister Sarah Hussain were killed by Janjaweed militia members in their Farm in DULUMA area/EasJABAL MARRA.

On the same day a nineteen years old girl was raped by a Janjaweed militia, after beating her mother until she fainted in their farm.

On the 2nd of August an IDP by the name of Salah Hamid Jumma was killed in ZAMZAM IDP camp (west Al-Fasher city) in his shop by the Community police, which belong to the regional authority of Darfur, and looted his shop.

On the same day around 5.00pm another IDP named Aldooma Adam Al-Safi was killed by Janjaweed militia members on Camels when he was on his way back to the camp (KALMA) from his farm. The police and the UNAMID were informed but so far no action was taken.

In SARAFONA IDP camp/KORMA locality, Salih Norain Salih was killed and four injured including women and 400 livestock were looted by some Janjaweed militia members.

On the 2nd of August 20 women were raped in their farms by Janjaweed militia members in KORMA/TAWEELA locality, to prevent them from farming.

On the 3rd of August the Janjaweed militias attacked and injured more than fourteen IDPs in their farms in MOKJAR locality, Adam Abakar and Saleh Abdo-Alkareem were severely injured and they have been transferred to ZALINGIEhospital.

On the same day the Janjaweed militia released the IDP Musa Hamad after his family paid a ransom totalling 750,000 SDG, but they did not return his six Cows which were looted.

On the 4th of August the Janjaweed militias kidnapped an IDP named Ahmed Al-Bagdade in UM-DUKHUN, and he has been taken to an unknown place.

On the 7th of August a group of Cow shepherds attacked and killed the IDP Mohamed Musa Khalil in his farm in AMAR-JADEED village and made their cows to graze the farm, the police was immediately informed but no action was taken against the perpetrators.

On the same day in SHOWPA IDP camp, two Janjaweed militia members on a motor bike attacked and killed the IDP Haroon Abakar, in order to steal his motor bike.

On the same day in KABKABYA camp, members of a Janjaweed militia in two land cruiser cars attacked Abdo-Alazeez Mohamed Abakar house, shot him dead and looted the house and his grocery shop which is attached to the house.

On the 8th of August Janjaweed militia members on attacked and killed Abakar Mohamed and Abdo-Alazeez Mohamed in their farm on the outskirts of KALMA camp/south of Nyala city/south Darfur.

On the same day Abdalah Togod was killed by Janjaweed militia members in his farm on the outskirts of AUTASH camp.

Also on the same day, in ABU-EZZAM area, Musa Mohamed Musa was killed in his farm by Janjaweed militia members who wanted to use his land to graze their cattle.

SUDO UK CONTINUES TO CALL ON the government of Sudan to exercise its duties and protect the civilians, disarm the militias and bring the perpetrators to justice.

SUDO UK CONTINUES TO CALL ON UNAMID to take strong action in order to fulfil its mandate, which includes the requirement “To contribute to the protection of civilian population under imminent threat of physical violence and prevent attacks against civilians” and “to monitor, verify and promote efforts to disarm the Janjaweed and other militias."

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