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The Maalia Rezaigat Conflict continued - 28th April 2015


On the 28th of April 2015 around 3.00am, a group of Maalia tribe militia men attacked a group of Rezaigat tribe at Donkey Al-daw(Al-Daw water yard) killing Ali Ibrahim, and abducting other two (2) people and looted 450 Cows.

On hearing the news of the attack in Al-Dain town, a battalion from the central reserve forces moved to the incident location. When they arrived near Abo-Karenka area, they found a group of Maalia men gathering in the area. The soldiers and Maalia men exchanged fire, one (1) soldier was killed and eight (8) were injured including an officer, they were all taken to Al-Dain hospital.

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