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Systematic attacks by the Janjaweed militias on Darfuri civilians 24th July -31st July


Farming is one of the most essential mean of securing livelihood for most of Darfuris in the rural areas. The farming season has just began in Darfur and Janjaweed militias continue to deny the Darfuri Farmers and shepherds their basic human rights by killing, Raping, abducting and intimidating them. Meanwhile, the Government of Sudan continues to not only turn a blind eye to the violations, but to even support and equip the perpetrators. The international community is not making any effort to pressure the Government of Sudan to disarm the militias and bring the perpetrators to Justice.

In the last two weeks the Janjaweed militia committed several human rights violations across Darfur states as follows:

On 31st of July 14 Sulieman Osman, a villager from UM-SHARAINA village, was killed by the Janjaweed militia members in his farm to prevent him from farming.

On the same day Abakar Adam, a shephard, was killed by janjaweed militia members who then looted his livestock when he was grazing in UM-JARWA area. The police was informed but no action was taken.

On 29th July 14 Janjaweed militias killed Adam Abdo-Alrazaak in Alsalam IDP camp south of Nyala city and injured Abdo-Alraheem Hussain, Ebraheem Abakar and looted their properties.

On the 27th July 14 the rapid support force killed a UNAMID interpreter named Hamid Babiker, abducted one person and looted their car, whilst they were on the way to KABKABYA town from SARAF-UMRAA village.

On 26th July 14 Abdo Esmail was kidnapped form MOGAF AL-GENANINA (national transport market), and later the kidnapers asked for 75,000SDG to release him.

On the same day a Janjaweed Militia killed an IDP by the name of Musa Hamid in Al-Salam IDPs camp and abducted another IDP and looted the Cows in the camp. UNAMID were informed but nothing has been done so far.

On the same day elsewhere in SHANGAL TOBAYIE village Abd-naser Yaqoub was abducted by the rapid support forces from his house-(reason unknown).

On 25th of July 14 Mr Flex Magoma the head of the international immigration organisation was released after 20 days of abduction by a government militia on the 6th of July 14.

A total of 38,345 SDG was looted on 24th July 2014 by nine (9) member of a Janjaweed militia driving 2 land cruiser cars. The money looted is the salary of the NHS staff in Eid-Alfersan (south Darfur). The financial officer responsible and the driver were immediately arrested by the police.

On the same day 15 members of the Janjaweed militia, driving three land Cruiser cars, attacked one of the voluntary return villages (Hashaba village/Gereida locality), killing three persons and looting six horses. Those who were killed are:

SUDO UK calls on the Government to disband the Janjaweed and other pro-government militias, and investigate and hold accountable those who are responsible for committing human rights violations.

SUDO UK calls on UNAMID to take strong action in order to fulfil its mandate, which includes the requirement “To contribute to the protection of civilian populations under imminent threat of physical violence and prevent attacks against civilians” and “to monitor, verify and promote efforts to disarm the Janjaweed and other militias”

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