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Update on South Kordofan Conflict


Facts on the ground

The attacks continue in South Kordofan State. The traffic of fighter jets and helicopters observed in El-Obeid airport last week was high. Eyewitnesses coming from South Kordofan have said that during the last week the area was exposed to intensive aerial bombardments, with a series of indiscriminate aerial attacks focused west of Dilling town (in the Salara area).

IDPs from eastern parts of South Kordofan said that they are targeted by members of the military and militia because they consider them SPLA supporters. These IDPs, who belong to the Tagali tribe, have left their home villages which have become depopulated because of the scorched earth policy adopted by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and militia in the area.

The population of Alfed Abdala (the home village of Abdel Aziz al Hilo) and Amber villages are scattered in al-Rahad, Ala Karim, al-Simeh and Um Ruwaba towns in North Kordofan. They reported that Alfed Abdala and Amber villages were looted then burned by militias belonging to the Togia, Dar Kabel and Dar Fayid Arab groups. The population from these two villages say that they will not go back to their villages unless the problem with these Arab groups is resolved.

Dalami town is completely deserted. It was declared a military zone by the SAF with its population concentrated in the Kurtala area. They are unreachable by NGOs; the only NGO permitted to work there is the Sudanese Red Crescent but they have failed to reach the IDPs in Kurtala because of logistical problems and other administrative issues.

Detention of Adam al-Haj Ismail

The IDPs in North Kordofan State feel insecure and suffer human rights violations. On July 28th 2011, unidentified armed men in civilian clothes detained Adam al-Haj Ismail Hindi, who was staying together with his family with their relatives in the Hay al-Salam quarter in El-Obeid. Adam al-Haj Ismail is the Mak (tribal leader) of Kargo clan – a Nuba sub-tribe. Immediately after his detention, Adam al-Hajj Ismail’s relatives went to the general security office in El-Obeid but they denied arresting him. Later information was obtained suggesting that Adam al-Hajj Ismail had been arrested by the military intelligence unit in El-Obeid, However, Military Intelligence denied any connection to the detention. Adam al-Haj Ismail’s family and relatives have still no idea where he is now and how they can identify the body that arrested him.

SUDO(UK) is calling for the Sudanese authorities to make public the place of detention of Adam al-Haj Ismail, to guarantee his physical and psychological integrity, and to ensure he has access to his family and a lawyer of his choice. Adam al-Haj Ismail should either be released immediately or charged and brought before a proper legal process.

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