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Sudanese Human Rights Activist at Risk


On 18 June the Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) arrested Khalid Bahar with a number of activists from a forum at the Movement of New Democratic Forces (HAQ)’s residence where leaders from Sudan’s main stream opposition’s parties were about to sign a Democratic Alternative Charter (DCA).

NISS members raided HAQ’s offices and arrested Khalid Bahar, a 30-years-old political and human rights activist, and number of activists and political leaders. They closed the roads leading to HAQ’s offices and arrested people who were coming to the forum. Khalid was released on the next day and asked to come to the NISS offices daily, his camera and mobile phone were confiscated. On  June 20th, Khalid went to the NISS office and when he reclaimed his camera and mobile phone he was arrested again and detained in Kober Prison.

Khalid has been in detention since then, without charges and without access to a lawyer. His family managed to visit him once, and on the second occasion, to visit him, on 29 July, Khalid’s family was told that he was transferred to Port Sudan with other detainees and they will be contacted regards his visits, they were also told that there were other detainees who were transferred to Wad Madani as well.

Khalid is a political and human rights activist, and a member of HAQ opposition party, his arrest came after his participation in a peaceful forum to sign the DCA, a charter that clearly adopts the goal of regime change through peaceful ways and outlines their vision basis for how the country should be governed afterwards[1].

Port Sudan is a city in east Sudan on the Red Sea, famous of extremely hot weather during summer, which adds to the existent bad living conditions in the prison.

Khalid’s family is concerned about his wellbeing, and believes that he is under the risk of being tortured and ill-treated beside they fear of his life because of the very poor living conditions and extreme heat in Portsudan’s prison.

SUDO UK believes that Khalid and his other colleagues are prisoners of conscious and were arrested while demonstrating their legitimate rights and calls for their immediate and non-conditional release.

[1] Sudan Tribune:,43156

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