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Sudan Weekly HR Report 15-21 April 2022


Below are a collection of incident reports covering issues relating to human rights and security from April 15 to April 21 2022. The reports have been collected from North and West Darfur. They are arranged in order of date and are in both English and Arabic.

These incidents will be incorporated into a monthly report following the receipt of all reports covering the month of April.

15.04.2022 – North Darfur

Engineer Stabbed and Killed

Engineer Aziz Jaber, Director of Maintenance and Operation at the North Darfur Water and Environment Project, was killed after gunmen ransacked his car and stabbed him with a knife near the Jabal neighborhood on the road to the intercity bus station.

قتل المهندس عزيز جابر مدير الصيانة والتشغيل بمشروع المياه والبيئة ولاية شمال دارفور, بعد أن قام مسلحون بنهب سيارته وطعنه بالسكين بالقرب من حي الجبل في طريق الميناء البري.

15/04/2022 – North Darfur

Gunmen in RSF Uniforms Kidnap a Primary School Teacher

Gunmen dressed in the uniforms of the Rapid Support Forces kidnapped Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Abdullah, a 30-year-old primary school teacher, in the city of Kabkabiya. The incident took place after the displaced teacher from Sortony IDP camp printed the school exams.

قام مسلحون يرتدون زي الدعم السريع, بإختطاف النازح محمد اسماعيل محمد عبدالله, 30 سنة, معلم بالمرحلة الإبتدائية يسكن في معسكر سرتوني للنازحين. ووقع الحادث في مدينة كبكابية بعد قام الضحية بطباعة إمتحانات المدرسة.

21/04/2022 – West Darfur

Elderly Woman Inadvertently Killed in Drive-By Shooting 

An elderly woman was killed during a murder attempt on another individual by unknown gunmen. The armed men fired from a moving vehicle in the city of Geneina, injuring their target whilst killing a bystander.  

قتلت سيدة مسنة وأصيب شخص اخر في إطلاق نار من مسلحين أرادوا تصفية الشخص المصاب. وكانت السيدة تتواجد بالقرب من الشخص المستهدف في مدينة الجنينة حين أطلق المسلحون الرصاص من سيارة متحركة.

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