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Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) Attacks in South and North Kordofan


Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) rebels attacked on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 of April several villages and towns in South and North Kordofan. The confirmed accounts that they have attacked Abu Karshola and Shamshka in South Kordofan, Semeih, Alla Karim and Um Ruwaba in North Kordofan.

The villages and towns in North Kordofan are without army presence. Attacks have resulted in deaths among police and civilians. Civil infrastructure was targeted, resulting in the destruction of the electric supply structure in Um Ruwaba and the water supply systems. 14 persons were killed in Um Ruwaba, nine of them were members of the regular police and the other 5 were civilians. Thousands of persons have fled the city due to the heavy artillery fired randomly by the SRF fighters. An old woman was found dead while escaping to the nearby villages.

SUDO UK condemns the attacks on the civilian population by parties to the war and condemns the targeting and destruction of civilians infrastructure and calls on all parties to the conflict in Sudan to exercise their duties in the protection of civilians and civilian installations.

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