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Sudan demonstration updates - Khartoum & Almalha North Darfur - 30th September 2013


30th Sep13

Sudan Demonstration updates

Khartoum & Al -Malha N Darfur

The demonstrations continued in Khartoum after the governments decision to lift subsidies from fuel and other commodities. Today thousands of students from Al Ahfad University for girls demonstrated inside the university, and when they tried to go to the streets they were confronted by the riot police who then entered the University and beat the students using plastic pipes and tear gas. The university chairman managed to get the police out of the university yard, saying that they are not supposed to enter the University and beat the students.

In a press conference held by the governments Minister of Interior, Minister of Information and Khartoum Governor about the on going events in Sudan, a journalist from "Alyoum Altali" newspaper asked the ministers "why do you insist to lie about what happened and we all know that the killing was done by the NCP affiliates. Why do you insist to sit on power despite the death and bloodshed of the people?" The minister of information was quite upset and hysterically asked the journalist to leave the room. The minister of interior said that the government will take legal action against the journalist

In Almalhah 50Km North of Mellit in North Darfur, a demonstration by the students and normal civilians toured the town. It was confronted by the riots police who used live ammunition, killing one person and several were injured.

SUDO UK Call on the Sudanese government to protect the right of all Sudanese to express their political views and hold accountable those official responsible from killing and unlawfully beating the protesters.

SUDO UK call on the International community to exercise its responsibilities and put pressure on Sudan Government to stop killing protesters and allow the freedom of expression and bring those who are responsible to justice

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