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Seven Students From Darfur Arrested in Khartoum


The following students from Darfur were arrested on 23 December. On 24 December they were transferred to court and charged under Article 69 (Breach of Public Peace) and Article 77 (Public Nuisance) of the Sudanese Criminal Act of 1991.

  1. Abdul Salam Norain Abdul Salam, Faculty of Law, Al-Nilain University.
  2. Alzubair Hussain Zakaria, University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences
  3. Muzammil Hassan Bukhari Nasr, Faculty of Engineering, Bahri University-
  4. Mukhtar Ali Osman Abbas, Faculty of Engineering, Bahri University
  5. Said Hamed Ahmed Adam, Faculty of Engineering, Bahri University
  6. Abdullah Isaac, Omdurman Islamic University
  7. Abdulhafiz Hassan Adam Mohammed, Faculty of Education, Bahri University,

SUDO (UK) is calling for the students to be allowed access to their families and to a lawyer of their choice.

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