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Two IDPs Killed in Kalma Camp by JLM


Adam Hussein, 30, and Omer Mohammed Ismail were killed in Kalma camp near Nyala. The incident happened after Tigani Sesi, the leader of the Justice and Liberation Movement (JLM), signatory of the Doha Peace Agreement, announced his intention to visit the Camp. The IDP movement rejected the visit and threatened to kill the leader and his delegates if they came. The JLM sent a group of elders and tribal leaders to convince the IDPs to accept the visit. As a result, unrest erupted in the camp which ended in the death of the men.

In another incident, Gamal Uthman Humid, an Eritrean journalist and manager of the media center of the Eritrean opposition groups, was arrested. There are concerns that the Sudanese Government may hand him over to the Eritrean government.

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