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South Darfur - 27th Oct 2013


Nyalla/South Darfur

Wednesday 23nd October 2013

Ahmed Abdalla Suleiman was arrested by police for moving in Nyala during the curfew. He was killed allegedly because he resisted the police when they tried to arrest him. However, the family said that when they collected Ahmed Abdalla’s body from the police there were clear signs of torture on it and they are convinced that he was tortured by the security before his death.

Friday 25th October 2013 

Mudathir Algedey, 29 years, from Hay Althawra Wasat, was found dead in the "Wadi" in Nyala at 5:00p.m. Twenty knife wounds were found on his body.

Saturday 26th October 2013,

In Aldoeid, northwest of Eid-El-firsan, the Barno ethnic group clashed with the Salamat ethnic group. One person, Mohammed Fadul Gabir, was killed and Abdalla Adam Elhaj was seriously wounded; both of them are from the Barno. Both tribes are gathering for revenge.

SUDO UK condemns the killing of Ahmed Abdalla Suleman in the custody of Sudan’s police or security forces. It calls on the Sudan Government and Public Prosecutor of Nyala to investigate the alleged torture, and death of Ahmed Abdallah Suleiman and to bring to justice and punish all those responsible for torture and other unlawful acts.

SUDO UK calls on the leaders of the Barno and the Salamat to call a conference of reconciliation to discuss and resolve their differences. SUDO UK stresses the need to involve women of both groups in peacemaking in order that real and lasting reconciliation should be made. SUDO believes that in the end only a holistic approach which considers all the problems of Darfur as a whole can fully address the ethnic conflicts in the region.

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