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Situation updates West Kordofan and Blue Nile states 7th and 9th April 2015


9th April 2015
A force from the SPLA-N attacked Aldabkr in West Kordofan, West of Debeibat,at 2:00 AM killing the medical assistant at the local clinic and the teacher Abdelrahim Abubakr and a mentally disturbed a person named Daifalla. Then the force looted the town market, burned and left.

9th April 2015
In around 7.00am A Group from the National Inelegant Security Services (NISS), ordered the residents of Median village South of Ed-Damazin to evacuate the village immediately, then they set the village on fire, burning it to ashes with all the villagers’ belongings. Whoever asked for the reason of this action was beaten by the security. The villagers are now in the open without shelter and food.

7th April 2015
A pickup car owned by Ahmed Kamaledin was transporting five soldiers and seven civilians from Bilen to Ed-Damazin was attacked by an SPLA-N force, around 70 Km South of Ed-Damazin, using an RBG, killing four soldiers and a civilian woman and injuring the rest of the travelers.The SPLA-N soldiers looted all the travelers’ belongings including money and mobiles. The injured were rushed to Ed-Damazin hospital.

SUDO UK condemns the attacks on civilian population under the pretext of them harboring rebels or associated with the Government and calls on the government and the Rebels to stop all actions that leads to the displacement and ill treatment of the civilian population. And bring those individuals or groups that are responsible from committing such crime to justice.

SUDO UK calls on the warring parties to abide by the humanitarian laws and not to endanger civilian population or civilian properties.

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