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Clash Between PDF and SAF in Nyala Market Kills and Injures Civilians




Once again, unrestrained fighting with kalashnikovs between government military and paramilitary forces has caused death, injuries and destruction to civilians.

Reports state that one soldier from the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and a member of the Popular Defence Force (PDF) had a quarrel in Manawashi over a mobile phone battery. Each one returned to his unit and later two battalions, one from each side, clashed, freely shooting with Kalashnikovs inside Manawashi market.

The clashes resulted in the death of three civilians with eight others, including two women, injured.

Those who were killed:
1. Mohammed Musa Abdalla
2. Omer Abdalla Musa
3. Almahi Ahmedia

Those who were injured, including two women:
1. Mohammed Abdalla Sheikh
2. Sanaa Obeid
3. Adam Mohammed Abdel Aziz
4. Hassanat Haroon Abdalla
5. Alshafei Ahmed Abdelrahman
6. Fatima Idris Abdalla 
7. Ahmed Adam Haroon
8. Ahmed Adam

SUDO (UK) calls on the Minister of Defence and the Commanders in Chief of the SAF and the PDF to take immediate disciplinary action against those who fought in Manawashi. The SAF and PDF members involved in the fighting should be disarmed, removed from Darfur, and dismissed from the force. Those found to have caused death, injuries or damage should be brought to justice.

Full compensation should be paid to families of those killed and to those injured. Compensation should also be paid to owners of damaged stores and goods.

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