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Janjaweed Militia Attacks in Nyala on the increase


Nyala, South Darfur - 14th -29th May 2014

Janjaweed militia attacks in Nyala on the increase.

Thursday 29th May 2014, a group of a Janjaweed militia attacked a vehicle carrying salaries of the judiciary employees from a bank in Nyala city centre to the headquarters of the judiciary in Nyala.They stole the money and escaped.

On the same day (Thursday 29th May) at night Elhadi Germinko a police man was shot dead in a social club in Gumeiza kamora in Nyala, the shooters are suspected to be members of the Janjaweed militia.

On Wednesday afternoon 28th May 2014 a group of Jajaweed militia attacked a court in Nyala and released one of their members who were standing trial for a murder.They escaped to an unknown place. On the same afternoon a group of a Janjaweed militia ambushed the deputy governor’s car on the airport road; he barely managed to escape with his life.

On Tuesday 27th of May 2014 there were further disturbances in Nyala caused by the Janjaweed militias who were complaining that their salaries had not been paid. They closed the road to the airport in Nyala for three hours, disrupting public transport to Dereige and hijacking at least two vehicles. They dispersed after the army commander in Nyala intervened and promised that their salaries would be paid.

On the same day 27th May 2014 the Fur paramount chief was inspecting the water hand pumps in Jor Tonjo and Omgouna to prepare for the return of the recently displaced population from the area. He was attacked by Janjaweed on the back of camels. The government sent an army force which only just managed to rescue him and brought him back to Nyala.

Mohammed Osman Fadalla, 33, a member of the Janjaweed militia, known as the Rapid Support Force (RSF) who works as a cashier for the forces, was shot dead in front of his house in Nyala, on the evening of Wednesday 14th of May 2014 by a group of Janjaweed who claimed that their names were dropped from the salaries pay sheet. No one was arrested in connection to the incident.


The Sudan Government must ensure law and order are in place and protect the lives and property of civilians and NGOs in Nyala. 

In view of the frequent human rights violations carried out by the Janjaweed militia the Sudan Government should disband and totally disarm these militias.

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