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Situation updates Blue Nile and South Kordofan 12th and 13th April 2015


Blue Nile 12th April
On Sunday Night at 12:00 midnight an SPLA-N force attacked the Town No. 10,South of Ed-Damazin, the force fought with the police who later withdrew from the town. The attack resulted in the death of seven civilians (six men and one female) and injuring seven men and one female. The injured were taken to the hospital in Ed-Damazin. The attack resulted in the death of four of the attackers among them the leader of the force.

Blue Nile 13th April
The National Inelegant security Services (NISS) detained the following in Roseris town, the twin town of the Blue Nile capital Ed-Damazin, they were detained on the background that they were members of the SPLM in the past.

  1. Siddig Almugadam
  2. Mohammed Goda
  3. Eljiali Abdalla
  4. Siddig Ahmed Siddig
  5. Elsir Hamad

South Kordofan 13th April
A PDF "Popular Defence Force" force at 3:00 PM attacked the water source in Abugidir, one and a half kilometre South west of Tabasa, which is 25 Km North of Abasyia in South Kordofan. The attackers killed Ismail Alnasri and abducted his brother's son, Agmi Alnasri. The attackers were in two 4x4 Land cruiser vehicles. Ismail Alnasri and his brother's son were watering their cattle when they were attacked.

SUDO UK condemns the attacks on civilian population under the pretext of them harboring rebels or associated with the Government and calls on the government and the Rebels to stop all actions that lead to the displacement and ill treatment of the civilian population. And bring those individuals or groups that are responsible from committing such crimes to justice.

SUDO UKcalls on the warring parties to abide by the humanitarian laws and not to endanger civilian population or civilian properties. And call for the immediate and unconditional release of the detainees in Roseris.

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