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Security and Protection in Hamideia IDP Camp of Zalingei Locality, Central Darfur



On 8 July around 22:00 hrs, two men infiltrated into Hamideia IDP camp allegedly to commit robbery, the two robbers were captured and then killed by a mob of angry IDPs of Hamideia camp. Later the bodies of the two robbers were found outside the camp near Azzum valley north of the camp; the bodies were recovered by the GoS Police on 9 July from the spot where these were left by the IDPs of Hamideia camp.  

In another related incident, on 9 July around 17:00 hrs, armed men in three vehicles (Land Cruisers) , initially fired at the sector 5 of Hamideia IDP camp from some distance and then abducted nine persons (including women) from eastern side of the Hamideia IDP camp. On 10 July the same group abducted one more IDP man from the same camp; this man was later found dead on 15 July. A witness from Hamideia camp alleged that the GoS Police and National Intelligence and Security Service NISS personnel, including a doctor from Zalingei hospital came and collected the body and buried it at a forest away from Zalingei town in the north direction.

The abduction has been committed by Arab Erigat tribe who claim to be members of Libration and Justice Movement LJM (Signatory to Doha Document for Peace in Darfur), some LJM elements also claimed that the two killed robbers are LJM members.

The government of Sudan GoS authorities in Zalingei town had earlier requested UNAMID to facilitate the arrest of the IDPs involved in the killing of the two robbers; otherwise GoS will use force to bring the accused to justice. The GoS request was rejected by UNAMID as the request does not fall within its mandate. But UNAMID appealed to GoS not to use force as the consequences would be catastrophic because the IDP most likely will resist the GoS access to their camp. 

Justice and Rule of Law Hindered by GoS Authorities Position:

The GoS position is clearly seen as biased in favor of the kidnapers (The group who abducted the nine IDPs). This conclusion on GoS position is based on the firm insistence of GoS to take every action including use force to bring those involved in the killing of the two robbers to justice while no single action or even a statement that indicates GoS’ willingness to bring the kidnappers to justice. In a meeting held between UNAMID and GoS, the GoS continued requesting UNAMID to facilitate the arrest of those IDPs involved in the killing of the two robbers, but UNAMID again rejected the request based on the same reason mentioned above, and then UNAMID raised a question on what GoS is going to do regarding the kidnapers a GoS official immediately replied that this abduction (the abduction of the nine IDPs) is not a crime; it is just a reaction to what IDPs did to members of the kidnapers group then UNAMID was surprised about the answer from the GoS official immediately NISS director interrupted the conversation and mentioned that please don’t misunderstand my colleague’s statement he did not mean actually what he said; but the nine abductees are now safe in the hand of kidnapers; hence this forms another factor that consolidates the aforementioned conclusion on the GoS position. It is observed that the GoS will likely plan to use this incident as a legal entry point to dismantle the Hamideia IDP camp through use of force which at the end the justification   is enforcement of law. 

Settlement Process:

Currently negotiations between Fur native administration committee and Arab native administration committee are ongoing trying to explore ways that would help to settle the crisis.

 The following are the names of the IDPs who were abducted:

1-Al Jazooli Ismail Haroun

2-Faisal Adam Ismail

3-Abdul Aziz Haroun

4- Abdullah Ahmed Joma

5-Haroun Ahmed Haroun

6-Adam Adam Dawod

7-Aam Ebrahim Ahmed

8-Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed

9-Mohamed Adam Joma

10- Mustafa Mohamed Issa (Dead)


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