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Janjaweed Attack IDPs at Ceremony


A group of men and women IDPs from Darfur were in a ceremony to remember those who had died last year in HAMADA village North of MANAWASHI. After the ceremony this group was returning to their IDP camp when they were ambushed in HEGEIR by Janjaweed militia riding seven camels, who killed 15 and injured 10, including women. The following were some of those killed; they had not yet been buried when this was written (Wednesday 26th, 14:000)

1- Adam Abdo-Alnabi
2- Ahmed Yagoub
3- Suleiman Sandal
4- Ahmed Abdalla Bushara
5- Ahmed Yahia Semi-Gido
6- Mohammed Abdalla Dot
7- Mohammed Adam Ibrahim
8- Ibrahim Mohammed Abdalla
9- Salih Musa Adam (Garain)
10- Ismail Musa
11- Asma Musa (f)

Some of those injured, who are being transferred to NYALA hospital are:

1- Ahmed Adam (Dosa)
2- Asma Abdelrahman Mohammed(f)
3- Elsadig Ibrahim
4- Hassan Adam basher
5- Abkr Gameel Ahmed
6- Ibrahim Yagoub

SUDO UK calls on the Government to disband the Janjaweed and all other pro-government militias, and bring those individuals or groups responsible for committing human rights violations to justice.

SUDO UK calls on the UN Security Council to exercise its duties in ensuring the safety and protection of civilians in war zones by the establishment of an effective mechanism for the protection of civilians in Darfur

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