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Statement: A response to SLA-MM denial of killing four civilian


In response to SLA/MM statement regarding the killing of:

  1. Mohammed Khier Yagoub Musa
  2. Musa Tahir
  3. Mohammed Musa Tahir
  4. Abkr Mahmoud

SUDO (UK) would like to confirm that the four civilians were killed in cold blood and SUDO (UK)  have verified the incident and its occurrence on the ground in Darfur and have not received any information from Kampala as SLA/MM statement alleged.

SUDO (UK) is  an impartial, non-political, non-partisan NGO and is not by any means connected to any of the parties to the conflict.

SUDO (UK) condemns the killing of civilians by the SLA/MM and calls on the SLA/MM to bring to justice those officers responsible for the killing of civilians.

SUDO (UK) calls on the UNAMID forces to intervene proactively to ensure that civilian lives are protected and to carry an independent investigation in the killing of the four civilians.

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