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Two IDPs Raped in Nertiti, Fourteen Arrested in Kass


On the 4th of Nov 2014 around 6.00pm in NERTITI locality, 2 IDP women, aged 25 and 18 respectively, were raped by 4 Janjaweed militia men in their farm. The following day their family found them in very bad condition, and they were taken to NERTITI hospital for treatment. The police were informed.

On the 5th of November 2104 the national intelligence and security forces raided the IDP camp in KASS locality and arrested 15 IDPs, the reasons of the arrest is unknown, but it seems as part of the concerted effort of the government to vacate the IDP camps in Darfur. Some of those who were arrested are:

  1. Mohamed Eisa
  2. Altag Hussein
  3. Abubakr Mohamed
  4. Hassan Hussein

SUDO calls on the Sudan Government to fulfil its obligation to protect civilians in Darfur. Pro-government militias that kill, rape and displace civilians should be disbanded without delay. The government should investigate all cases of rape and other human rights violations and bring those who are responsible to justice.

SUDO UK condemns the arbitrary arrests and the use of force against the IDPs and calls upon the Sudanese authorities to: immediately release the detained IDPs or press charges and give them immediate access to families and lawyers.

UNAMID must immediately act to fulfil its mandate to protect civilians in Darfur. It must fully investigate human rights violations by all parties and make its reports of the investigations public.

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