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Political Detention Continues


The Sudanese government is continuing its policy of political detention of civilians following the recent attacks of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) in North Kordofan. A number of detentions took place on 1 May 2013 of people accused of being supporters of SRF. All of those named continue to be held incommunicado in detention centres of the Military Intelligence (MI) and the National Information and Security Service (NISS) where they are in danger of torture or extra-judicial execution.

The following have been detained since 1 May 2013 in Abasiya, South Kordofan, by Military Intellegence:

1. Bashir Yagoub
2. Mohammed Ali Eljack
3. Mohammed Alnour Bedawi

Detained in Sennar, Sennar State,  on 1 May  2013 by NISS:

1. Saad Rodwan
2. Elmahi Mohammed

The following were detained in Umm Ruwaba, North Kordofan, by the NISS on and after 1 May 2013:

1. Abdelrahman
2. Dafa' alla Abdo
3. Mubark Ramdan
4. Ismail Teya
5. Mubark

SUDO (UK) calls for all those detained to be humanely treated and given immediate access to lawyers, doctors and family members.  All those not charged with a recognizable criminal offence should be released.

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