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​Outbreak of several ethnic conflicts in Darfur 20th -24th March 2015


South Darfur – Buram area

Since the outbreak of the conflict between the Salamat and Fellata tribes on the 21st March in the Buram and Al-De’ain areas the government has not intervened to resolve the problem or stop the killing.

The conflict between the two tribes over stolen cattle has continued. So far 137 have been killed from the Fellata and (36) injured, and 10 were killed from Salamat and 30 were injured.

In the same area another conflict brook out on the 24th March between the Rezaigat and Habaniya tribes in Sonta village area over cows looted from the Rezaigat. Ten (10) were killed from the Habaniya and three (3) were injured and one (1) was killed from the Rezaigat.

North Darfur

In North Darfur/Mallit area after the outbreak of the ethnic conflict between the Berti and Zaiyadeya on the 20th March, the Government intervened on the 23rd March, resulting in an agreement between the two tribes. But on the same day a group of Zaiyadeya militia in 4x4 vehicles attacked the Berti tribe in Omkaram village, killing one (1) and injuring three (3). The situation remain very tense.  

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