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Nyala, South Darfur Situation Update


Deteriorating security situation in Nyala, South Darfur

Eight cars hijacked in four days.

The security situation in Nyala is deteriorating. Sporadic gun fire can be heard all day throughout the city and the number of hijacking of cars is on the increase. On 26 May 2014 two NGO cars were hijacked, one belonging to UNICEF and the other to the American Refugee Committee (ARC). This makes a total of eight cars hijacked during the past four days.

Janjaweed militia attack police near Bileil IDPs Camp

On Monday 27th May 2014 Ahmed Salih, a member of the regular police, was shot dead by Janjaweed militia near Bileil camp in South Darfur.

Ahmed Salih was driving with colleagues on a mission to bring back a damaged police car to the east of Bileil camp when two Janjaweed wearing military uniform asked them for a ride. Some distance from Bileil one of the Janjaweed tried to take Ahmed's gun by force. In the ensuing struggle Ahmed Salih and one of the Janjaweed were shot dead and a policeman and the other Janjaweed militiaman were wounded.

On hearing about the incident, the police from Bileil sent a team to rescue the mission. However, on the way, the team was ambushed, and Abakr Malufat, a policeman, was shot dead. In the exchange of fire one member of the Janjaweed was killed and others were injured. The police managed to arrest some of the attackers in addition to one of those injured. 


The Sudan Government must ensure law and order and protect the lives and property of NGOs and civilians in Nyala.

The Sudan Government should ensure that all those members of the Janjaweed involved in attacking the police are brought to justice in fair trials and punished.

In view of the frequent human rights violations carried out by the Rapid Support Force (otherwise known as the Janjaweed militia), the Sudan Government should disband and totally disarm this force.

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