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Nyala, South Darfur Demontrations 31th July


On Tuesday 31st of July 2012, thousands of people in Nyala, South Darfur, participated in peaceful demonstrations against the rise of commodity prices and transportation’s cost. They were attacked by the Government Forces; 12 persons were killed and dozens were injured. Many people were also detained and were taken to unknown places.

Those who were killed are:

  1. Mohammed Abakar - 17-years,
  2. Tahani Hassan-17 years,
  3. Jamal Ibrahim: 17 years,
  4. Mujahid Mohammed- 18 years,
  5. Muhammad Ali - 16 years,
  6. Noureddine Gedo-17 years,
  7. Ibrahim Muhammad Abdul Qadir
  8. El Hadi Hussein -was killed in his house with an artillery shot
  9. Ali Altayeb
  10.  Abdallatef Adam
  11. Hassaballa Mohamed
  12. Hawa Abdallah



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