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Situation Reports From South Darfur


Nyala, South Darfur

On Saturday 7th Dec 2013, Mohamed Abdalla Khater, a member of a group that signed a peace agreement with Government in Nyala last month, was caught by the Government forces with 60,000 SDG, which the government believed to be part of the money looted from the Nile Bank in Nyala last Wednesday 4th Dec 13. In response government forces searched the belongings of the group leader for the rest of the looted money, though the militia refused to cooperate leading to heavy fighting in Al-Matar Neighbourhood which continued throughout the night.

Dead Bodies of Janjaweed Brought to Nyala From South Kordofan

7 bodies of the 10 officers of the janjaweed, who were killed in fighting between SRF and the government forces in South Kordofan, were brought to Nyala after their families organized a sit-in in Al-ryiad neighborhood, demanding the bodies of their sons to be brought back.

SUDO UK believes that unless the people of Darfur get involved in resolving the conflict the current situation is going to worsen and therefore calls for a holistic approach in addressing the conflict.

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