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RSF and SLA-MM Attack Civilians in North Darfur


On Sunday 6th of April, the Rapid Support Force attacked and destroyed the villages of Hillat Kursi, Gangona, Haskanita and Hillat Yagoub. During the attack Ahmed Adam, 35, was killed and the RSF abducted Abdalla Adam Tahir and Abdel Aziz Hassan Mohamed. Sheikh Ahmed Yagoub was also injured during the attacks. The other villagers were forced to displace to Tawila.

On Monday 7th of April, the SLA/ Mini Minawi attacked nomads near the village of Birka 35km west of El-Fashir killing Al-Dei Abuelsheikh, 57, Mohammed Ali, 27, and Abubakr Abuelsheikh, aged 40.

SUDO UK calls on the Government to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for the killings and to take all necessary steps to disband the Janjaweed and other militias.

SUDO UK Calls on UNAMID to investigate rebel attacks on civilians and hold accountable those who are responsible.

SUDO UK calls on rebels to refrain from targeting civilians and to stop endangering the civilian population.

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