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​New Displacement in South East Kordofan 9th March to 12th March 2015


In a new development in the war in South Kordofan between the government and SPLM north, on the 9th of March Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) warned the residents of the villages west of Abassiya Tagli to evacuate their villages and if they failed to do so they have to bear the consequences, as SAF is planning to launch military operation against the SPLA which is holding the mountainous Tasi area and using it as a military centre in the north east of the Nuba mountains.

On the 10th of March SAF started an aerial bombardment on all the mountainous areas before even all the citizens of these villages could evacuate in such a short notice. These villages are Mundraba in the North, going through Tofin, AlsadraAlshawayaAlgibailatKalinda, Goliya and Fashoda in the South.

The inhabitants of these villages are being labeled as supporters of the rebels and therefore are part of the rebels. It is worth mentioning that the village of Abugidir to the north of these villages 17 Km north-east of Abassiya, was burnt to ashes by the government forces on the 10th of February.

Due to the warning and the heavy bombardment a serious humanitarian situation was occurred which resulted in:

1. Displacement of 150 families on Tuesday 9th March from the villages of Alshawaya and Alsadra to Abassyia, who were hosted by their relatives in the town.

2. Displacement of 300 families to the neighborhood of Hai Aldamra (a village neighboring Abassiya from the west), from the villages of Algibailat, Goliya and Fashoda.

3. Displacement of the rich person in terms of livestock from the villages of Algibailat, Goliya and Kalinda to Jambily forest.

On the 12th of March some of the residents of these villages were allowed by the authorities to go to their villages and collected their belongings and return immediately.

The local authorities in Abassiya have promised to shelter the IDPs in the schools but this did not happen and no humanitarian assistance was given to them by these authorities. The only assistance is given by the residents of Abassiya, which was not enough to support an estimate of around 5000 IDPs.

At the same time the residents of the villages of Moraib were also warned to evacuate Mabsoot, Habayel and Kaling and they were all displaced to UM MARIH, a religious area, which have been bombarded in 2013 and its only school was destroyed, and three children were killed.

The villagers in all these villages fear that their villages will be burned similar to what happened in 2012, when the SPLA N abducted the Chinese workers and the government launched a ground assault.

SUDO UK calls on the Sudanese government to abide by the humanitarian law and to avoid endangering civilians and civilian's properties and installations and calls on the government to give access to humanitarian organizations to assist those who are affected by the war.

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