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Clashes Between the Zayadia Components of the Border Guards with the SAF and PDF


A group of Zayadia belonging to the Border Guards, a Para-military militia operating in Darfur on the side of the government army, rebelled against the army and were surrounded in the Zayadia residential area in the north of El-Fashir town. There was a heavy exchange of fire using small arms and heavy artillery. The rebelling militia managed to escape out of town towards the North, heading for Mellit, which is the centre of the Zayadia tribe. On their way they clashed with a unit of the Popular Defence Force (PDF), a Para-military militia based in Umm Marahek. The PDF members in this area are from the Berti tribe. The rebelling forces from the Border Guards killed six soldiers from the PDF and injured 16, who were then taken to El-Fashir. The rebelling forces then headed towards Mellit.

The main cause of the rebellion is attributed to a problem between the Governor, who is from Berti tribe, and the Arab tribe’s at large living in the state of North Darfur. A similar incident occurred in 2012 in Hashaba, north-west of Al-Fasher caused by a disagreement between the Zayadia and the Governor over a gold mine in that area.


Sudanese paramilitary forces allied to the Government are often fighting between themselves.

SUDO (UK) calls on the government of Sudan to disband the militias in Darfur. Ethnic militias encourage tribalism and as such should be disbanded.

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