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Tabit Residents Threatened Again, Janjaweed Attacks Continue


15th November 2014

KALMA IPD camp South Darfur

Janjaweed militia men on 4x4 car attacked and raped 4 women in the outskirt of KALMA IDP camp.

Eight women from KALAM IDP camp when on their way to their farms were chased and attacked by Janjaweed militias men on 4x4, four (4) women were captured and the others managed to escape back to the camp and they told the SHAIKHs who informed the police and started searching for the others. Around 10.00am they found the 4 women in SHANGI area raped and left in the open land in very bad health condition, they were taken to KALMA health centre for treatment.

KASS South Darfur

in ROTOKEY area around 20km from KASS locality, around 20 Janjaweed militia men on 4X4 car shot at a commercial lorry forcing the driver to stop, and looted all the goods on the lorry including the passengers mobiles phone, and as a result of the random shots 2 passengers were severely injured; Jamal Mohamed Altoum (M) and Ammar Ishaq (M) Student who later died in KASS hospital. The police went on searching for the perpetrators but without success.

BELAIL South Darfur

A commercial vehicle coming from Khartoum arrived at the outskirt of BELAIL locality after 7.00pm the police denied the vehicle entering BELAIL as it’s one of the government policies in Darfur that no vehicles enter any town or city after 7.00pm. The vehicles stayed at a place called GAHWAT ALBUN around 5km from BELAIL were there is a police station and national security personnel.

At mid night Janjaweed militiamen attacked the vehicle killing the driver and looted the goods as well as the passengers belongings. In the morning the passengers reported the incident to the police in BELAIL, who came and traced the cars tyre tracks to the government militias camp in BELIAL, no action was taken.

NERTITI, Central Darfur

Around 25 Janjaweed militia men on camel backs attacked the IDPs camp in NERTITI, killing 1 person, raping a 12 years old girl and kidnapping 10 IDPs, claiming that this is because one of their men was killed by the IDPs and they asked for a ransom of 95,000 SDG to release the 10 hostages.

The police, UNAMID and Mohamed Dahap the commissioner were all informed but no action was taken.

Then a group of soldiers from the Justice and equality movement (JEM), which lately signed a peace agreement with the government, intervened and insisted that the hostages must be released without the IDPs paying any ransom or the kidnappers shall bear the consequences. The situation still remains very tense.


17th November 2014


The government ANTONOV's bombarded the areas of south east DERBAT locality by more than 10 bombs, no one was killed but a large number of livestock were killed and more than 50 farms were burned to ashes.

18th November 2014

KALMA IDP camp South Darfur

20 women were attacked by Janjaweed militiamen when they went to collect fire wood from the outskirts of KALMA IDP camp. They were beaten and five of them were raped and had their donkeys looted. Some of the women managed to escape to the camp and they told the SHAIKHs, who informed the police and went to the UNAMID telling them if you are not able to protect us, please leave today before tomorrow.

20th November 2014

TABIT Village, North Darfur

TABIT village has become like an open prison, after the government replaced the forces which committed the latest rape violation in TABIT with a new one. The new commander in chief forced the villagers to take an oath not to disclose any information about the latest rape, and threatened the villagers that if anyone was found to be giving information about the rape they will bear the consequences of their action. He also established check points on the four corners of the village and anyone who is entering or leaving the village will be searched and questioned.

El-Fashir town:

ALHadi ABO-Dabak who works as a second hand cars broker was severely beaten by a group of soldiers led by the Sergeant Mohamed Ali Ajab, who claimed that AL-Hadi owe him some money and failed to pay back despite his several promises.

SUDO UK calls on the Government to disband the Janjaweed and all other pro-government militias, and bring those individuals or groups responsible for committing human rights violations to justice.

SUDO UK calls on the UN Security Council to exercise its duties in ensuring the safety and protection of civilians in war zones by the establishment of an effective mechanism for the protection of civilians in Darfur.

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