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Killing, Rape, and Looting Carried Out By Government and Janjaweed Forces


23rd November 2014

Janjaweed militia attacked and killed Fatma Omar in her farm in the area of east JABAL-MARRA. Other farmers took up her body and informed the police, but no one has been arrested.

On the same day another group of Janjaweed militia riding horses and camels attacked the village of BERKATULI south of NYALA city, and looted the market. The villagers tried to stop them and as a result two were killed and four were injured. Although the police were not far from the looted market, they told the villagers that they could not do anything because the attackers were too many.

Those who were killed:

Al-Sadig Ahmed

Abkura Adam

Those who were injured and taken to NYALA hospital for treatment;

Abdel-Rahim Al-Tayeb

Bahar Al-Din Ibrahim

Hamza Hussain

Adam Hussain

On the same day in LABADO village, around 60km from NYALA city, a group of Janjaweed militia drove their cows onto the farmland of some of the villagers. When the farmers chased the cows out of the farms the militias men opened fire on them and killed two. The farmers fought back and killed one member of the Janjaweed. Latter the Janjaweed militia attacked, looted and burned SHAWA and TABALDEYAT villages in the same area.

On 25th November 2014 around 198 families from SHAWA and TABALDEYAT villages were moving to KALMA IDP Camp when the Janjaweed militias attacked them and killed two people: Abdo-AlJabar Adam and Abdallah Younis. The police and UNAMID were informed.

25th November

The Janjaweed militias killed the IDP Mousa Adam Omar in his farm because he tried to stop them from grazing their camels on his land. The camels remain in the farm even though the police has been informed.

26th November

Janjaweed militiamen entered with their livestock into farms belonging to civilians south of DERBAT villages, in the area east of JABAL MARRA, and raped four women in their farms. Police were informed but no action was taken.

On the same day around 10.00am a government ANTONOV plane bombed the area of east JABAL MARRA with more than 12 bombs, killing Fatma Haroun in her farm house and burning to ashes a large acreage of farmland.

SUDO UK calls on the Government to disband the Janjaweed and all other pro-government militias, and bring those individuals or groups responsible for committing human rights violations to justice.

SUDO UK calls on the UN Security Council to exercise its duties by the establishment of an effective mechanism to protect civilians in Darfur as UNAMID is failing to give security or protection to farmers and other civilians who are now in an increasingly disastrous situation in Darfur.

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