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​Killing, rape and aerial bombardment in Darfur - 15th to 20th February 2015


South Darfur-Kass Town

On the 15th February 2015 around 8.00pm, Maryam Abakr Kokov(40yrs old ) was attacked by two(2) Janjaweed militia men in her house in Ashtani village south of Kass town, to rape her, when Maryam resisted, they shot her and ran away. The police was informed by the villagers but no one was arrested.


On the same day three (3) Janjaweed militia men entered Kass town, and shot a mobile phone shop owner by the name of Salih Mohamed Ahmed in Kass Kabeer neighborhood and ran away. On their getaway they kidnapped a 25-year-old girl who is a student at Nyala University, and raped her at the outskirts of the town until she fainted. She was rescued and taken to Kass hospital, but Salih Mohamed Ahmed died. The police was informed.


East Jabal Marra

On the 17th February around 03.30 pm a government Antonov bombarded west Fanga area, killing Kaltoum Omer Adam, burning a large area of farming land and killing a number of cattle.

On the 17th February in Hay Al-Shati, Al-Geneina town, a Janjaweed militia man attacked and raped a child by the name of Intisar Mohamed Ahmed causing her death, the police traced perpetrator and arrested him. Now he is in Al-Geneina prison awaiting trial.


Al-Geneina town -18th February

Nine IDP girls were raped at gun point by some Janjaweed militia men when they were on the way to the orchards and vegetable farms on the outskirts of Ardamata IDP camp. The police was informed.


West Jabal Marra

On the 18th February an Antonov and Sukhoi airplanes bombarded the area of Sowareg and Rokerro, and destroyed all the water wells. As a result Rokerro is totally evacuated.


19th February 2015

As a result of the heavy bombardment and the use of heavy artillery and katyusha rockets, more than 350 families were displaced from Rokerro to Nertiti locality where the local authority refused to accommodate them, and decided to relocated them to Golo where there continues to be fighting between the government and the rebel movements.


West Jabal Marra -19th February

The government bombarded Wadi-Toro, killing, Abakr Nasr Al-Din Abdallah and his son Nasr Al-Din Abakr in their farm and burning a large area of farming land.


East Jabal Marra-19th February

A pregnant woman was beaten by an army member until she fainted. The woman who is one of latest Tabit rape victims was taken to Al-Fasher hospital, but no complaint was filed against the army personnel.


East Darfur –Al-Da’ein 19th February

When Abdulgadir Adam Khamis and Adam Ali from Tandalti village went out of the village to collect grass for their animals, they were attacked and killed by Janjaweed militia men around 4km away from their village.


North Darfur-Zamzam IDP camp 19th February

While on his way back to his house from the mosque, the Imam of Zamzam IDP camp was shot dead by a Janjaweed militia man and who later ran away. The police was informed but no one was arrested.


West Jabal Marra

On the 20th February Sukhoi planes bombarded the area of Lowrai, around 1km from Golo, dropping around 18 bombs. After the bombardment the citizens in the area were left with very nasty coughing and itching skin.

Back in October 2014 after the government bombarded the area of west Jabal Mara the same symptoms occurred.

SUDO UK calls on the Government to disband the Rapid Support Forces as well as the Janjaweed as these are consistently committing human rights abuses in Darfur. All those individuals or groups responsible for committing human rights violations must be brought to justice.

SUDO UK calls on UNAMID to take strong action in order to fulfil its mandate, including its obligation to “prevent attacks against civilians, within its capability and areas of deployment, without prejudice to the responsibility of the Government of the Sudan”, and the requirement “to investigate and hold accountable those who are responsible, and promote efforts to disarm the Janjaweed and other militias”.

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