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Killing, looting, Rape and aerial bombardment in Darfur - 30th March to 4th April 2015


East Darfur Yassin locality 3rd April

A group of pro-government militia attacked Yassin locality, kidnapped one person, raped two (2) girls and looted around 150 Cattle. The local authorities did not take any action against the perpetrators.

South Darfur Gireida IDP camp 2nd April

A group of Pro-government militia attacked the IDP camp in Gireida locality, killing Al-Hadi Eisa, Abdo-almonem Bakhoor, raped two (2) girls and looted the Camp. Although the attack happened under the watch of the government officials in the area, but no action was taken against the perpetrators.

South Darfur Kass locality-Bogaj village 2nd April

Osman Abakr Musa and his wife where on their way back from their farm, came across four (4) Janjaweed militia men looting two (2) people on the road, when Osman and his wife passed them, one of the Janjaweed followed them and shot Osman dead. Then the perpetrators went to Bogaj village and looted it. The police was informed but no action was taken.

North Darfur Bargowa village 2nd April

A group of the Rapid Support Force attacked and looted around 200 Cows from the village Bargowa, under the protection of Government military plane. After the RSF left the village, the government plane bombarded the village by 13 bombs, killing Salih Gumaa Salih and a large area of farming land.

North Darfur Mulwi area/near Mallit town 3rd April

A group of the Rapid Support Force looted around 79 Camels from Mulwi area and ran towards Alkoma area. A rescue group from the villagers followed the perpetrators and exchanged fire with them where two (2) from the villagers were killed (Shomo Abakr and Abdulrahman Ahmed Dood), they managed to return the Camels to their owners.

North Darfur-Tabit village 2nd April

A thirteen (13) years old girls was attacked and raped by one of the government solder in her farm. Some villagers rushed to the farm on hearing the screaming of the girls, to find the soldier raping the girl, the soldier threatened them by his gun and ran away. The villagers took the victim to the police station who refused to file any complaint against the soldier. And when the villagers informed the army commander in charge of the troops, he rejected the complaint and denied that his soldiers never commit such a crime.

South Darfur Otash IDP Camp 30th March

Al-shaikh Abakr Abdallah Yaqoub who is one of the IDP leaders in Otash IDP Camp, was attacked in his house around 1.00am by three (3) from the Rapid Support Forces for an unknown reason. The Camp Police was informed but no action was taken.

South Darfur Dereige IDP Camp 31st March

Although there is a police station in Dereige IDP Camp, Hawa Eisa Abdo-almowla was attacked by two (2) of the Rapid Support Force in her house, and attempted to rape her, when she resisted to be raped they shot her dead and ran away. Police was informed but no action was taken.

SUDO UK calls on the Government to disband the Rapid Support Forces as well as the Janjaweed as these are consistently committing human rights abuses in Darfur. All those individuals or groups responsible for committing human rights violations must be brought to justice.

SUDO UK calls on UNAMID to take strong action in order to fulfil its mandate, including its obligation to “prevent attacks against civilians, within its capability and areas of deployment, without prejudice to the responsibility of the Government of the Sudan”, and the requirement “to investigate and hold accountable those who are responsible, and promote efforts to disarm the Janjaweed and other militias”.

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