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Rape and Murder by Janjaweed Militia in Central and South Darfur, 5th to 10th December



KASS locality ­-10th December

Four Janjaweed militia men attacked and raped a pregnant IDP women in her farm in ARLY area north-east of KASS locality. The woman was taken to KASS hospital where she lost her baby. The police were informed.

NERTITI IDP Camp 9th December

Around 6.00am a group of Janjaweed militia attacked the IDP Camp in NERTITI, killing a child named Mulazim Abakr Ishag. They looted some of the IDPs’ belongings. Police were informed.

On the same day two Janjaweed militia men attacked a female IDP in her farm and attempted to rape her. When she resisted she was shot dead. Her family found her body in the farm and informed the police.

NERTITI IDP Camp 6th December

Under the watch of the UNAMID a group of Janjaweed militia men attacked the IDP camp in NERTITI locality, killing two IDPs, and injuring four and looting the IDPs’ belongs. Those who were killed:

Those who were injured:


Al-Salam IDP Camp 7th December

Janjaweed militias attacked a group of IDP farmers who went to their farm south-east of NYALA city in a rented car to collect their cultivated crops. The militia men killed three of the farmers and injured four. UNAMID and the police were informed.

Those who were killed:

1. Abdallah Adam Mohammed Toum

2. Yousif Abdallah Abdel Karim

3. Abdallah Abdel Karim Adam

Those who were injured and taken to Nyala Hospital are;

On the same day around 8.00pm four members of the Janjaweed militia attacked and killed Issam Nureddin in his shop in Al-Salam IDP Camp. They looted the shop and severely beat and injured Ahmed Nour who has been transferred to Nyala hospital for treatment. The police were informed.

On the 8th December two Janjaweed militia men attacked, raped and beat two IDP girls in their farm on the outskirts of Al-Salam IDP camp. They were found by their families in a very bad physical condition and they were taken to the camp clinic. The police were informed.

MANAWASHI village 5th December

On 5 December 2014 Haroun Abdel Aziz was kidnapped from his house in MANAWASHI village around 10.00pm by three members of the Janjaweed militia. In the morning he was found dead in a farm near the village. Police were informed.


SUDO UK calls on the government to disband the Janjaweed militias and investigate and hold accountable those who are responsible from killing and terrorizing the civilian in Darfur.

SUDO UK calls on the UN Security Council to exercise its duties by the establishment of an effective mechanism to protect civilians in Darfur as UNAMID is failing to give security or protection to farmers and other civilians who are now in an increasingly disastrous situation in Darfur.

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