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SPLM-N Indiscriminately Bombard Civilian Areas in Kadugli, Government Refuses to Allow Civilians to Leave


The civilian population in Kadugli are trapped and there have been a number of casualties as a result of indiscriminate shelling by SPLM-N forces who are attacking the town. Civilians have been prevented from fleeing the town by the government authorities including the Kadugli Commissioner and security elements. 

SUDO calls on the SPLM-N to take immediate action to end indiscriminate attacks against civilians in accordance with international humanitarian law.

SUDO  calls on Sudanese Government to take immediate action to allow the free movement of civilians, including that they be allowed to flee from areas where there is fighting.

SUDO calls on both the SPLM-N and the Sudan Armed Forces to end attacks on civilians and to ensure that they have access to humanitarian assistance including medical treatment.

SUDO calls for a reconciliation process to be initiated immediately which should bring peace to the border areas and allow IDPs and refugees from South Kordofan to return home.

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