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Incident Reports from Darfur and West Kordofan, Dec 6-8


The following are incidents of human rights violations reported from North Darfur, West Darfur and West Kordofan from December 6 to December 8. At the end of each month we will compile a list of all reported violations during that month, including those listed below.

06.12.2021 North Darfur

An armed group of militiamen riding camels attacked Mara Fata village, situated 8km western Tawila locality, raping one woman and injuring six civilians.

The attack commenced with indiscriminate gunfire at approximately 20:00. The six injured civilians suffered from gunshot wounds and have been identified as:

  1. Adam Abubakar Atim, 75;
  2. Kaltoom Ibrahim Abdullah, 70;
  3. Mubarak Adam Atim, 27;
  4. Om Salama Yagoub Ahmed, 35;
  5. Ismail Ali Shatta, 50;
  6. A.A.E, 12.

06.12.2021 West Kordofan

An estimated 20 persons have been killed, many injured and thousands displaced in El Nuhud locality following tribal fighting. Conflict broke out on December 5 between the Hamar and the Al-Manasra tribes following the accusation that armed member of the Hamar looted 300 cattle from Al Manasra merchants.

06.12.2021 North Darfur

Four civilians were killed following an attack by armed militiamen on a vehicle travelling from El Fashir to Kolgi. The ambush took place some 10km from Zamzam IDP camp. Two men and two women were shot dead, whilst three others were wounded and transferred to El Fashir hospital.

The incident led to the Shepherds and Nomads Coordination holding a silent protest in front of the North Darfur Governor’s residence on the morning of December 7.

07.12.2021 North Darfur

Seven armed militiamen abducted two Turkish engineers and their driver from the centre of El Fashir city. The kidnappers released the driver and have demanded a ransom for the Turkish engineers.  ‘

08.12.2021 North Darfur

A large number of militiamen besieged Zamzam IDP camp in North Darfur following the murder of four civilians as reported on December 6. There are predictions an attack may be imminent in order to revenge the deaths.

08.12.2021 West Darfur

Janjaweed militiamen continued their attacks on the Jebel Moon locality. The attack is ongoing and is taking place from three directions. There is currently little information on the current situation and the victims.

08.12.2021 North Darfur

Janjaweed militiamen attacked the village of Donkey Shatta, north-west of Abu Shouk IDP camp in El Fashir, injuring four persons:

  1. Sadiq Mohamed Abubakar, 65;
  2. Abdulrazig Ibrahim Haroun, 18;
  3. Abdulrahman Ismail Suleiman, 20;
  4. Mahdi Abdullah Mohamed, 32.

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