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Human Rights Violations in Darfur, Blue Nile and South Kordofan


Blue Nile
In the early hours of the morning the SPLM-N launched an attack on “Village No. 9” in Gesan locality. In addition to fighting with the Sudanese army, the SPLM-N further looted the local market. Consequently, 1,000 families have been displaced from their homes to Demazin and Genis, east of Roseris. The villagers belong to the Hawsa ethnic group. 

South Kordofan
The National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) detained Salah Yousif Ibrahim, a shepherd, whilst he was returning from al-Abassiyia market in South Kordofan. No reasons were given for his arrest; however, sources suggest the NISS suspects him of cooperating with the SPLM-N.

North Darfur
Adam Suleiman Musa was killed during an attack by a unit of Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on the village of Taradona in East Jebel Marra. The unit arrived in five 4x4 vehicles forcing civilians to evacuate the village. The RSF looted Adam’s shop and stole his livestock which consisted of 90 heads of goat and cattle. 

South Darfur
Three members of the RSF shot dead Mohamed Adam Mohamed Adam, a local shop owner, in Deribat East Jebel Marra. The three men had previously ordered three drinks from his store and left without payment. When Mohamed asked for payment he was shot in the chest, killing him instantly. Police have been informed though no action has been taken in spite of the murder taking place in full view of the entire market. 

Central Darfur
Abakr Eisa Adam, from Wanga village near Nertiti, was shot dead by four members of the RSF whilst he was riding his motorcycle home from the market. Following the attack the men took hold of his vehicle and brought it back to the RSF camp. The police were informed of the situation and the location of the stolen vehicle; however, they failed to act stating that their duty is solely to report cases.

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