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Government and Associated Militias Continue to Infringe Civilian Rights Across Darfur


South Darfur -14th December

At 12.00pm, a group of more than 50 pro-government militia men attacked JUMAYMIZ KAMORRA village around 15 km from KASS locality and killed 3 IDPs in their farm and looted the village. Those who were killed:

1. Adam Abdallah (m)

2. Osman Eisa (m)

3. Yousif Adam Musa (m)

South Darfur- 14th December

A UNAMID convoy was ambushed by militia men in KHORABASHI, NITEAGA locality. They dispossessed the soldiers of their weapons, looted two 4x4 vehicles with all their belongings, and made the soldiers walk to their compound.

On the same day a group of pro-government militia men attacked and burned LABADO village, killing two persons and injuring three. Those who were killed:

Those who were injured;

South Darfur- 15th December

In KARANDE village, KASS locality, a group of militia men attacked and killed Osman Eisa in his farm injuring his wife, Ayesha Abdallah, in the process. Ayesha Abdallah has been taken to KASS Hospital.

South Darfur- 15th December

Around 100 militia men on horse and camel back attacked ABO JABRA village around 20km from GEREIDA locality and killed nine persons and injured 10 more. ABO JABRA is a voluntary return village built by the government. The incident occured under the watch of the government authority. Those who were killed are:

The names of the injured are not yet known.

On the same day a government ANTONOV plane bombed the area of east JABAL MARRA for several hours burning large areas of farming land, destroying a number of water wells and displacing more than 500 villagers.

SUDO UK calls on the government to disband the Janjaweed militias and investigate and hold accountable those who are responsible for killing and terrorizing civilians in Darfur.

SUDO UK calls on the UN Security Council to exercise its duties by the establishment of an effective mechanism to protect civilians in Darfur as UNAMID is failing to give security or protection to farmers and other civilians who are now in an increasingly disastrous situation in Darfur.

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