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Reports of Summary Executions and Ethnic Cleansing Operations in South Kordofan


Serious incidents of human rights violations continue in South Kordofan. There are confirmed reports of summary executions and ethnic cleansing operations being carried out by the warring parties and their allies in the period from August 2nd to August 7th 2011.

An Arab militia supported by the Government, reportedly composed of around 650 members from the al Aidga, al Rawawga, Asira and Awlad Ghaboush clans who belong to the Hawazma ethnic group (Baggara), have launched an offensive that included mass killings of Nuba civilians in the Um Hetan area, located 45 km north east of Kadugli. According to eye witness reports, hundreds of Nuba civilians have been killed and six villages were looted and destroyed.

The leaders of this militia have justified such acts as revenge for the killing of four men from their ethnic group. They further commented that those who belong to the Nuba ethnic group, also serve as members of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement - North (SPLM-N) and must therefore be destroyed.

On August 4th 2011, in a separate incident, 10 members of the SPLM-N reportedly summarily executed five persons in the market of Al-Sobay village. This village is located north west of Diling town. The executed persons are:

  1. Sulieman Gubara Dhaheyia - 30yrs
  2. Mohamed Abu Hawa al Daw - 35yrs
  3. Haware al Tayeb Guma'a - 35yrs
  4. Osman Nayil Khatir - 45yrs

The name of the fifth person is unknown, though he reportedly belonged to the Dinka tribe, whilst the others belong to the Nuba ethnic sub-group, the Kargo tribe. After the execution the SPLA members announced that the victims were National Congress Party (NCP) agents.

SUDO (UK) calls on all parties to the conflict to respect international human rights and humanitarian law. All those involved should refrain from seeking to use tribal identity to exacerbate the conflict.

SUDO (UK) is calling for an independent commission of inquiry into the human rights violations in South Kordofan and for all those responsible to be brought to justice.

SUDO(UK) is also calling on all of Sudanese civil society to engage and advocate for peace and reconciliation and peaceful coexistence in South Kordofan.

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