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Human Rights Defender Dr Bushra Gamar Released


After a year of suffering in arbitrary detention the human rights’ activist Dr Bushra Gamar was released on the 27 June 2012. Dr Bushra Gamar was recently hospitalized after his health deteriorated as a result of a hunger strike; he has reportedly also been tortured and suffered other forms of ill-treatment during his detention.

Dr Bushra Gamar Hussein Rahma, is a human rights defender from the Nuba Mountains, South Kordofan and has been detained without charge since June 2011. His arrest was thought to be connected to the events in South Kordofan. He was also the founder and Executive Director of the Human Rights Development Organization (HUDO) in South Kordofan. He was a representative of the SPLM in Darfur from 2005-2006; before that he had been Director of SUDO in Nyala in Darfur. SUDO (UK) believes that his arrest was a result of his legitimate and peaceful activities in support of human rights.

It is feared Dr Bushra Gamar may still face prosecution for alleged crimes against the state.

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