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Huge Displacement in South and North Kordofan after Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) Attacks


Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) rebels attacked on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 of April several villages and towns in South and North Kordofan. According to confirmed accounts they have attacked Abu Karchola and Shamshka in South Kordofan, Semeih, Alla Karim and Um Ruwaba in North Kordofan. As a result the civilian population from Abu Karchola and the surrounding villages were displaced to Errahad and Um Ruwaba. The number which arrived in Errahad is estimated to be around 11,000, while those who came into Um Ruwaba are estimated to be around 1,000. Many people are still coming from the surrounding places and Abu Karchola. Many of the displaced persons are sitting under trees or being lodged in schools and mosques.

IDPs are telling terrifying stories about the killings of civilians committed by SRF soldiers in Abu Karchola, the following were said to be killed:

  1. Mohammed Abkr
  2. Mohammed Idris
  3. Mahdi Abkr
  4. Alnour Suleiman
  5. Musaab Abdelsalam
  6. Musa Alnour
  7. Yousif Sueiman
  8. Suleiman Mohammed
  9. Mohammmed Tawor
  10. Ahmed Tawor

The remaining civilians in Abu Karchola were reportedly prevented from escaping by SRF soldiers and by the indiscriminate aerial bombardment launched in response to the attacks by the Government.

Many civilians are scattered on the way to North Kordofan and there are many confirmed deaths due to hunger, thirst and illness.

SUDO (UK) calls upon the UN and other humanitarian organizations to provide urgent assistance to the internally displaced people.

SUDO (UK) calls upon the SRF and the Government of Sudan to allow humanitarian organizations immediate access to the displaced people in order to provide the humanitarian assistance they need.

SUDO (UK) condemns the attacks on the civilian population by parties to the war and calls on all parties to the conflict in Sudan to exercise their duties in the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure.


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