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Huge Displacement in Jebel Marra, Central Darfur


More than a thousand families recently displaced from Jebel Marra during fighting between the Sudan Liberation Army/Abdel Wahid (SLA-AW) and the Sudan Armed Forces are suffering in Nertiti without any humanitarian assistance.

Since December 2012, when the SLA-AW attacked Golo and Gildo in Jebel Marra and the subsequent counter-attacks by Sudan government troops in those locations and in the surrounding villages, thousands of families fled. The numbers of families who fled to Nertiti over the past month are as follows:

Period of time

Number of families fled  

From 24-12-2012 to 3-1-2013                     



From 4-1-2013 to 10-1-2013                      



From 11-1-2013 to 24-1-2013                   




  1,462 families



About 80% of the displaced families are from Gildo, the rest are from Golo. The majority are women and children.

No assistance has been provided to those families and they are now suffering without shelter and covers in winter conditions.

SUDO (UK) calls upon the UN and other humanitarian organizations to provide urgent assistance to those families

SUDO (UK) calls upon the SLA-AW and the Government of Sudan to allow humanitarian organizations immediate access to the displaced in order to provide the humanitarian assistance they need.

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