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Clashes Between Gereida Authorities and Nomads, South Darfur


Gereida, South Darfur

The Commissioner of Gereida and a number of police were roaming the southern part of Gereida, when they found a number of cattle in the local farms. In trying to get the cattle out of the farms, they used live ammunition which resulted in the killing of 9 cows. The cows were owned by nomads who resisted the efforts to steal their livestock by firing on the commissioner and the police, injuring several policemen in the process.

Following the original clashes the Commissioner returned to Gereida to receive reinforcements from the Sudanese Army. Whilst he and the soldiers were moving towards where the incident occured, they arrested several nomads on the way despite them having no relation with the group they had previously clashed with. Later they were ambushed by the first group, and a number of soldiers were killed and two of their vehicles were completely destroyed. The Commissioner and the rest of the soldiers then returned to Gereida. The situation remains tense and might lead to further confrontation between the nomads and the army.

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