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Gedaref Human Rights Report, Oct-Nov 21


The following reports present the political, security and human rights situation in the state of Gedaref, Eastern Sudan.

 Political and Security Situation

- On October 3, Resistance Committees formed blockades in the city of Shawak, the locality of Al-Faw and the city of Gedaref in protest of a visit by Nazir Mohamed Al-Amin Tirik. The Resistance Committees accuse the Nazir of instigating tribal conflict in Eastern Sudan and supporting the military.

- On October 15, Resistance Committees and the Salvation Initiative conducted a sit-in at Gedaref market calling for the trial of the perpetrators of the massacre that took place in Kassala on October 15, 2020.

- On October 19, the Shrooq Cultural Forum held a seminar on issues in Gedaref and Eastern Sudan. A number of political and civil forces in the state attended.

- On October 19, Police from the Gala El Nahal locality arrested 12 irregular migrants in the Sesame area, including 10 women and two men. Two suspected people smugglers were also arrested and subject to legal proceedings.

- On October 21, Resistance Committees organized a successful march with the participation of political forces, civil and professional committees.

- On October 26, Resistance Committees released a letter calling for revolutionary escalation House against the military coup on October 25th. This event took place at the Teachers House.

- A series of civil disobedience measures were successful between October 25 and October 28, following which the State’s Security Committee forced General Managers to call on their employees to resume work.

- On November 18, the Director-General of the Ministry of Education issued Resolution No 31/2021 transferring 13 administrators. He also issued another decision on November 21 No 32/2021 transferring 14 employees, including leaders in the Teacher’s Committee, following protests by the Teacher’s Committee at the Ministry of Education. The Director-General refused to retract his decision despite the call by Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok to cancel the transfers.

Human Rights Situation

The human rights situation in Gedaref continued to deteriorate during the months of October and November. This included the return of the Public Order Laws.

- On October 10, police in the Al-Mafaza locality conducted a campaign targeting alcohol manufacturing. During the campaign they arrested 21 persons and destroyed production. Legal proceedings were undertaken against the manufacturers.

- On October 25, following the announcement of the coup, large demonstrations took place in Gedaref. The military and police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators and detained the following activists:

  1. Zaher Adam Kowa Ismail, 26, University Student;
  2. Ayman Issa Ismail Khamis, 23, University Student;
  3. Hammam Al-Rasheed, 20, High School Student.

The three Resistance Committee activists were subject to beatings and verbal abuse before being released three hours later.

A fourth person, Mohamed Al-Habib Abdel Al Osman (a Secondary School student aged 18), was arrested inside the hospital and was also subjected to beatings at the police station. A complaint was opened against him under Article 77 (Public Nuisance), but he was released without charge three hours later.

- From October 25 to November 4, youth within Gedaref were subjected to forced head shaving by members of the army and the Rapid Support Forces.

- On October 27, two members from a Resistance Committee, aged 29 and 35, were arrested by Military Intelligence. They were severely beaten and kept in solitary confinement for three days before being released on November 17th. Both reported injuries upon release.

- On October 28, the Teachers House was closed by order from Military Intelligence and the General Secretary of the Teachers’ Syndicate was prevented from taking items related to their work.

- On October 28, Alaa El Din Abdel Rahim Idris, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, was detained for five hours by the Military Intelligence. Alaa El Din Abdel Rahim Idris is a member of a Resistance Committee and the New Democratic Forces Movement (HAQ).

- On October 29, Yassin Mustafa Mohamed Ahmed was detained by Military Intelligence for two and a half hours. He is a founder of the Gedaref Organisation for Peaceful Coexistence and a member of a Resistance Committee. He was reportedly beaten upon being taken into custody.

- On October 30, a military force consisting of the army, Rapid Support Forces, the police, and the Central Reserve used teargas to supress a peaceful demonstration against the military coup. A number of demonstrators were detained, including:

  1. Abdul Rahman Awad Abdul Rahman Mohamed, 36, Farmer, member of the Federal Assembly. He was released after eight hours. He was subsequently detained for a second time for two hours on November 17 by Military Intelligence.
  2. Al-Farzdag Abdulrahman Mohamed Al-Sadiq, 36, Farmer and Rickshaw Driver, member of the Communist Party and a Resistance Committee. He was released after five hours.

- On October 30, the Security Committee in Basonda locality (area bordering Ethiopia) arrested a number of members from the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) as well as Resistance Committees. They were detained for three days before being released on November 3. Several of whom were tortured, shaved and subject to verbal abuse.

  1. Ali Abdel Rahim Awad, 85, Butcher, Resistance Committee member;
  2. Abdeen Ahmed Mohamed, 70, Retired Military, Resistance Committee member;
  3. Al-Baqer Abel Rahim Awad, 27, Ministry of Health, Resistance Committee member;
  4. Mansour Omar, 25, Driver’s Assistant, Resistance Committee member;
  5. Salah Omar Ahmed, 30, Merchant, Resistance Committee member;
  6. Awad Moaz, 40, Merchant, Forces for Freedom and Change;
  7. Awad Mohamed Musa, 26, University Student, Resistance Committee member;
  8. Mohamed Saeed Agha, 43, Construction Worker, Resistance Committee member;
  9. Omar Khalifa Bashir, 50, Bank Employee, Resistance Committee member;
  10. Abdullah Mohamed Al-Faki Siddiq, 30, Maintenance, Resistance Committee member;
  11. Mohamed Ibrahim Musa, 60, Electrician, FFC Coordinator. Upon release he was ordered to return every Tuesday to have his head shaved, which has thus far continued to this date;
  12. Ramah Idris Bakhit, 27, Carpenter, Resistance Committee member.

- On October 30, peaceful demonstrators in Al-Faw locality were beaten with sticks and whips by a joint force. A number of Resistance Committee members were arrested and transferred to the police. The police opened a report against them under Article 69. This included:

  1. Yousuf Mohamed Abdel-Maarouf, 18, Secondary School Student;
  2. Moaamel Mubarak, 28;
  3. Mohamed Zain, 34;
  4. Anas Karsai, 33;
  5. Al-Moez Yassin, 30, Phone Merchant.

- On October 30, Military Intelligence detained two political activists:

  1. Ahmed Awad Mohamed Al-Awad, 51, Auditor, Dismantling Committee member, Sudanese Professionals Association member, and a Member of the Communist Party. He was arrested in front of his home and released after 10 hours;
  2. Dr Abubakar Mirghani Al-Sharif, 45, Lecturer at Gedaref University, Coordinator of FFC in the locality and a Federal Gathering member. He was arrested, beaten and threatened before being released after several hours.

- On November 3, Military Intelligence arrested Wajdi Khalifa Mohamed El-Hassan. Wajdi is a member of the Dismantling Committee, a member of the Shrooq Cultural Forum, and a member of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party.

He was placed in solitary confinement and beaten, before being released on November 28. Wajdi was subsequently rearrested by Military Intelligence on November 30 after addressing the Resistance Committees in the market. He was transferred to the police and a report was opened up against him under Article 77, before being released two hours later.

- On November 10, Military Intelligence arrested Mohamed Hassan Al Zaki Malik. Mohamed, aged 43, is an employee at the Ministry of Health and is a member of the Media Association, a Resistance Committee, and the Sudanese National Alliance Party.

Prior to his arrest he was threatened repeatedly on the phone by Colonel Selman Abu Halima. During his detention he was beaten and his employment threatened. He was released November 15.

- On November 13, a joint force dispersed a peaceful gathering with tear gas and prevented civilians from accessing the market. Members of Resistance Committees and other revolutionaries were chased and arrested, including:

  1. Dr Suleiman Musa Namnam Komi, 36, Doctor, Member of the Unified Doctors Office, Member of the Steering Committee of Doctors, and a Member of the Popular Movement;
  2. Sufian Khamis Abdullah Nasser, 36, Ministry of Finance, Member of a Resistance Committee and the SPLM-N (El-Hilu).

Both were released after six hours.

- On November 16, Military Intelligence arrested Miqdad Ballah Adlan Mohamed. The 39-year-old Ministry of Finance employee and member of the Central Council of the FFC from the Federal Assembly Party was released three days later on November 19.

- On November 16, Military Intelligence raided the home and sought to arrest Amna Mohamed Osman Awaiti. The 62-year-old teacher and Vice-President of the Teachers Committee was not home at the time of the raid.

The raid followed a statement issued by the Teachers Committee.

- On November 17, military forces consisting of the army, police, and the Rapid Support Forces prevented a gathering at Crescent Square. As they suppressed the protests, a number of individuals were arrested, including:

  1. Ahmed Ibrahim Adam Abdullah, 66, President of the Sudanese Teacher’s Committee and a member of the Sudanese Professionals Association. Ahmed was arrested by a joint force and detained in a cell that included more than 30 people. He was forced to sleep on the floor without a mattress and was released the following day on November 18;
  2. Mamoun Mohamed Al-Tom Abdulrahman, 52, Secondary School Teacher and a member of both the Federal Gathering Party and the Teacher’s Committee Course Correction Committee. Mamoun was beaten and verbally abused before being released the following day on November 18;
  3. Hussein Taha Abdelrahim Taha, 55, Shop Owner and member of the Gedaref Initiative for Salvation. Hussein was arrested by a joint force and released on November 18. He was subsequently rearrested on November 21 and released again on November 23;
  4. Mohamed Fath Al-Rahman Al-Khalifa, 58, Ministry of Education employee. Mohamed was arrested from his home by Military Intelligence and released two hours later.
  5. Al-Baqir Abdul Rahman Wad Al-Radhi, Teacher. Released on November 18.

- On November 21, a joint force including the army, police and the Rapid Support Forces used tear gas against demonstrators in the Gedaref Market and other neighbourhoods including Al-Nazir, Karfess and October. Several revolutionaries were arrested, including:

  1. Wali Al-Din Abdelqadir Mohamed Issa, 28, Resistance Committee member.

Wali was arrested by Military Intelligence and released the following day after being subject to beatings.

- On November 23, Military Intelligence arrested Moataz Mohamed Abdullah. Mohamed, a 40-year-old leader within the Gedaref Salvation Initiative and a Resistance Committee member is still under detention at the time of this report.

- On November 25, a joint force prevented a peaceful demonstration at Gedaref Market and detained a number of protestors. The detainees were held for four hours, had their mobile phones confiscated (returned after two days), and had a report opened against them under Article 68. Those detained, included:

  1. Omar Emara Ahmed Emara, 45, Broadcast and Television Employee, Member of the Media Gathering, Sudanese Professionals Association and the Federal Gathering;
  2. Musab Ahmed Mohamed Abdullah, 34, member of both the Sudanese Congress Party and a Resistance Committee;
  3. Mostaqbal Fadel Musa, 25, University Student, Resistance Committee member and member of the Independent Student Conference;
  4. Mohamed Tariq Khalil, 16, Secondary School Student. Beaten upon arrest and held in a cell despite being under 18.

- On November 25, police beat two members of a Resistance Committee. The two members were named as:

  1. Akram Awad Mahjoub, 24, Artist;
  2. Hassan Mohamed Saleh, 24, University Student.

- On November 30, a joint security force attacked members of the Resistance Committees at the market arresting three, including:

  1. Wajdi Khalida Mohamed El-Hassan;
  2. Mujib Abdul Rahman, 20, Student.

The three detainees were released two hours later.

Health Situation

There is a general environment of poor health and a lack of basic medicine, including vaccines for children.

The COVID-19 report for the month of October through to November 21 indicates an increasing number of cases in the city of Gedaref, Central Locality, Western Gallabat, Eastern Gallabat, Qurasha locality and Gala El Nahil locality.

According to the report of the Ministry of Health dated November 21:

Suspected Cases – 114

Positive Cases – 77

Negative Cases – 37

Fatalities – 17

Isolation Centre – 9

Home Isolation – 36

Healing Cases – 15

The city of Gedaref also witnessed water issues for 90% of the neighbourhoods in the city. Residents were forced to drink water from wells, most of which are unhealthy and have high concentrations of salt.

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