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Frictions between Dinka and Meseryia tribes might lead to a tribal conflict in Abyei area-9th February 2015


Al Nour Mohammed Hassaballa, a Messeriya, was grazing his cattle (70 Cows) North of Abyei city, in Abyei area, when he was attacked by an unknown militia group, he was kidnapped and his cattle were looted.

His family and other members of his clan wanted to search for him in Abyei but they were prevented to enter the area by the UN forces in Abyei. The situation is very tense and may escalate to fighting between Dinka and Messeryia.

SUDO UK CallĀ on Abyei Administration and the UN mission to facilitate a tribal conference between Dinka and Messeriya to settle disputes and differences between the two tribes.

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